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December 24, 2012
People are now getting ready to proclaim their New Year resolutions. Do you think that setting those resolutions do any good or do you think that they are a waste of time?
They are effective
They work sometimes
They never work
Don't know
Don't care
430 total votes
December 10, 2012
As the fiscal cliff approaches do you think that solving the problem should come from higher taxes on the rich, higher taxes overall, spending cuts, or a combination of spending cuts and higher taxes?
Higher taxes on rich
Higher taxes overall
Spending cuts
Combination of all
Don't know
Don't care
623 total votes

December 4, 2012
The Carbon Board of Education has been holding meetings on the future of Helper Junior High. What do you think they should do?
Spend the money to remodel the present structure
Build a new building
Close it and move students to Mont Harmon
Don’t know or unsure
Don't care
78 total votes
November 12, 2012
How do you feel about this years general election as a whole?
I am very happy
I am somewhat happy
Things didn't change for me
I am unhappy
It was a complete bust
341 total votes

October 29, 2012
Do you feel your vote will count when it comes to national (Presidential and Congressional) candidates in the upcoming election?
Don't care
Don't know
41 total votes
October 10, 2012
Where do you consider yourself on the political spectrum - right (conservative) vs. left (liberal)?
Far right
Far Left
Depends on the issue
Not sure
337 total votes

September 17, 2012
Riots have been taking place around the world in the last week over the depiction of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in a film produced in the United States. How can the U.S. deal with this kind of problem in the future?
It is a free speech issue so nothing should be done
A law should be passed banning the negative depictions of religions or religious figures in all mediums
The film industry should police itself
Don't care / No opinion
187 total votes
September 10, 2012
Other than groceries, do you shop more locally (Carbon/Emery), over the mountain, or online?
Locally (Carbon/Emery)
Over the Mountain
Online / Internet
All about the same
None of the above
77 total votes

August 27, 2012
Are you planning on going out of town over the Labor Day weekend?
Yes, for one day
Yes, for two days
Yes, for three or more days
Don't know
94 total votes
August 7, 2012
So you think the hype about the Summer Olympics and what it really means in the world is over the top?
No, they are important
Don't care
155 total votes

July 23, 2012
Do you think the Price City council made the right decision to only allow fireworks on July 4 and July 24 at the Durrant property on what is part of the USU Eastern Campus?
No, the city council should have provided more places
No, the city council shouldn't have enacted any ban
Don't care
160 total votes
June 25, 2012
Do you think the unified fire district that is being proposed by the county to gain funding for the individual fire departments is a good idea?
Yes, it is a good idea
No, it is a bad idea
Undecided or unsure
No opinion
132 total votes

June 4, 2012
With the dry conditions, the driest winter on record this past year and above average temperatures do you think all open fires, inlcuding campfires, should be banned for the summer and into the early fall as long as conditions persist?
Depends on facility/location
No opinion
368 total votes
May 21, 2012
Do you think Carbon County should spend the funds to build a public recreation center for the populace?
Don't know
Don't care
No opinion
179 total votes

May 7, 2012
Do you think there should be more wilderness designated on federal lands, less wilderness designated or do you think that what is already designated is just right?
More wilderness
Less wilderness
Just right as-is
Don't know
Don't care
153 total votes
April 23, 2012
Do you think the political parties in Utah should do away with the caucus and convention systems and go to a straight open primary to decide who should run for each party (in all contended offices) in election years?
No opinion
134 total votes

April 3, 2012
Do you think that the wealth a presidential candidate has accumulated in their lives prevents him or her from making good decisions when it comes to understanding the situation average people in America face on a daily basis?
Depends on background
Don't know
217 total votes
March 19, 2012
This past weekend, the Republican caucus was held in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. Comments were made by one of the candidates about that people in a state should have to all speak English before they can be admitted as a state. Do you think this should be the law?
Don't know
Don't care
217 total votes

March 13, 2012
Do you think the bill passed by the legislature concerning not teaching anything but abstinence in schools, and doing away with all other sex education is a good idea?
Don't know
Don't care
118 total votes
February 28, 2012
Do you think the bills the legislature are presently considering to wrestle control of lands belonging to the federal government and give them to the state are good measures, or are they indefensible laws which will just cost the state a lot of money to defend?
Don't care
Other or unsure
Indefensible and costly to defend
Good measures
192 total votes

February 13, 2012
What season of the year do you like the most?
I like them all
No opinion
189 total votes
January 30, 2012
How do you feel about the way the Utah Legislature usually conducts business from year to year?
Very good
No opinion
117 total votes

January 16, 2012
How concerned are you about the lack of snow in the mountains and the apparent drought situation the area might be in if more moisture doesn’t show up in the area in the next three months?
Very concerned
Slightly concerned
Not very concerned
Not worried at all
Don't know much about it
Don't really care
165 total votes

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