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December 27, 2010
Do you think the next session of Congress, with all the new members, will do a much better job than the last Congress did?
Much better
Somewhat better
About the same
Much worse
Don't know
126 total votes
December 7, 2010
Do you think Congress should extend the Bush era tax cuts?
Don't care
204 total votes

December 7, 2010
Approximately how many Sun Advocate articles per day do you view or read online?
More than 10
About 5-10
About 2-4
794 total votes
November 12, 2010
Do you think "Obamacare" should be repealed or changed?
It should be repealed
It should be kept, but some provisions changed
Leave it alone because we haven’t even seen what it can do yet
Don't know
No opinion
306 total votes

November 1, 2010
How do you feel about the fact that Price City has removed Kokopelli from the intersection of 100 West and Main Street?
Glad to see it is gone
Should have kept it where it was
Should have kept it in place but found a traffic solution
No opinion
272 total votes
October 18, 2010
What are your feelings about a new county courthouse/offices being constructed and where it is located?
No opinion
They shouldn't build one at all and make do with what they have
It should be built somewhere in the unincorporated county
It should be built in another location in Price
It should be built basically in the same place where the present one now stands
86 total votes

October 5, 2010
How do you think the local economy is doing in terms of recovery from the plunge of 2009?
Much improved
Improved a little
About the same
Worse than 2009
Much worse than 2009
Don’t know
102 total votes
September 27, 2010
Do you subscribe to our "Digital Paperboy Edition" and why or why not?
Yes, I want content exclusive to the paper
Yes, I prefer its user interface
Yes, for faster delivery
Yes, for the high availability
Yes, for unspecified reasons
No, the cost is too high
No, I don't like the user interface
No, I've had technical problems with it
No, for unspecified reasons
What is the "Digital Paperboy Edition"?
357 total votes

September 13, 2010
When you have first time out of town visitors who stay for a few days, where do you take them and what do you show them pertaining to the local area?
San Rafael Swell
CEU Prehistoric Museum
Nine Mile Canyon
Wasatch Plateau
Spring Canyon
State parks
I don't take them anywhere
228 total votes
August 23, 2010
A sour economy is making many people reconsider their present level of education. Are you planning on going back to school in the next year to upgrade or advance your abilities, get a degree or change professions entirely?
Upgrade abilities
Get a degree
Change professions
No plans to attend school
Not sure
136 total votes

August 9, 2010
Everyone who has driven Highway 6 has had some kind of problem with out-of-state drivers at one time or another. Which state seems to have the most aggressive and worst drivers (high speeds, bad passing, tailgating, etc.)?
New Mexico
224 total votes
July 26, 2010
What do you think the most important issues facing our country are?
The economy
The war in Afghanistan
The energy crisis
Global warming
218 total votes

July 26, 2010
Do you browse websites or send email via your cell phone?
Yes, all the time
Yes, sometimes
No, but I'd like to
No, not interested
652 total votes
July 12, 2010
How to you feel British Petroleums response to the Gulf of Mexico oil leak has been?
Extremely good
No opinion or unsure
135 total votes

June 25, 2010
Which season of the year in Carbon County do you like the best?
Like them all
Like none of them
No opinion
178 total votes
June 7, 2010
What did you think of the No Graves Unadorned project that took place during the week leading up to Memorial Day?
No opinion
Of no value
It was a stupid idea
Don't know
204 total votes

May 24, 2010
While politics are at the forefront of the news these days, it seems to many groups with a small number of members are controlling what is going on, including the far left and far right.

In terms of your place in the political spectrum, where do you feel you fall?
Far right
Far left
197 total votes
May 10, 2010
During the Republican convention Senator Bob Bennett was ousted for two more conservative candidates. Do you think this was a good move or a mistake to do this?
Good move
Don't know
Don't care
250 total votes

May 10, 2010
Which of these age groups are you a part of?
Under 18
60 or over
1264 total votes
April 26, 2010
Do you think keeping the Gooseberry Narrows project from happening is in the interests of Carbon County citizens, or do you think that the project should just be allowed to proceed?
Don't know
Don't care
157 total votes

April 15, 2010
Now that the legislature has acted and Utah State University will be merging with the College of Eastern Utah, how do you feel about this upcoming combination that will take place on July 1, 2010?
Don't care
Don't know
Very negative
Somewhat negative
Somewhat positive
Very positive
160 total votes
March 26, 2010
Have you purchased - or are you considering the purchase of - an electronic book reader like Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook?
Yes, already purchased one
Yes, considering it
No, not interested
What is an ebook reader?
I don't care
631 total votes

March 22, 2010
What do you think of the health care bill that passed through congress on Sunday March 21?
Don't like
Don't care
Not sure
515 total votes
March 8, 2010
Do you think the Utah State Legislature spends too much time on "message" or "moral" legislation and not enough time on other aspects of lawmaking and running the state government?
Just about right amount
Too little time
Don't care
Don't know
Too much time
124 total votes

February 15, 2010
Do you think U.S. Highway 6 between Spanish Fork and Green River is better to travel on today than it was 10 years ago?
364 total votes
February 1, 2010
How big a problem is crime in Carbon county and the surrounding area?
A big problem
Don't care
Don't know
180 total votes

January 19, 2010
What additional feature does this website need the most?
Community calendar
Article comments
Improved page layout
Social networking integration
More content
Better site search
Text message (SMS) updates
418 total votes
January 18, 2010
Considering the big push for renewable energy, and legislation that is being considered to limit emmissions, what do you see as the future of the coal industry?
Coal energy is a thing of the past
180 total votes

January 4, 2010
President Obama has been in office for almost a year now. How to you rate his performance so far?
368 total votes
January 4, 2010
Of the following, which do you think are over-reported by the Sun Advocate?
Community events
School, education
Disasters, accidents
Labor, economy, business
None of the above
202 total votes

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