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December 22, 2009
Do you think your economic status will be better in 2010, will it be the same as 2009 or will it be worse?
No change
Don't care
169 total votes
December 9, 2009
Which of the following news topics do you think deserve more attention by the Sun Advocate?
Planned community events
Accidents & disasters (auto, fire, etc)
Business, economy & labor
School & education
Person of the week
335 total votes

December 7, 2009
Where is the majority of your Christmas shopping being done this year?
Over the mountain
By catalogue
207 total votes
November 23, 2009
Of the items listed below, which could the Sun Advocate improve upon the most (online or in print)?
School page
Feature stories
Community calendar / events
Local news coverage
184 total votes

November 17, 2009
Do you think it is a good idea for Nine Mile Canyon road to be paved, or should it stay an unimproved road much like it is?
Not sure
363 total votes
November 5, 2009
What is the primary reason you read the Sun Advocate (online or in print)?
News Coverage
Society (weddings, missionaries, etc)
Obituaries & Death Notices
FYI / Events
Jail Bookings, Court News
Person of the Week
Focus, other feature news
Tech Tips
Classifieds, Ads, Business Directory
549 total votes

November 5, 2009
Do you think more troops should be sent to Afganistan as has been requested by American military leaders there?
212 total votes
October 20, 2009
Some have suggested that public school faciliities are wasted sitting idle all summer and that students could graduate at a younger age if they went to school year round. Do you think year-round school should be instituted in the state of Utah?
363 total votes

October 18, 2009
What is the primary reason that you read the online edition of the Sun Advocate (in contrast to the print edition)?
Preferred format (don't like news print)
Convenience / Accessibility
590 total votes
October 6, 2009
Do you think Congress should create more wilderness areas in Utah?
Don't care
358 total votes

September 22, 2009
Do you think a public option should be part of the health care reform bill that could be passed by Congress?
269 total votes
August 31, 2009
Do you think that the stimulus money that was injected into the economy this past winter by the federal government has helped to slow or stop the recession?
Yes, a little
Undecided / Unsure
Yes, a lot
396 total votes

August 18, 2009
Do you think that professional athletes that have been in big trouble like Michael Vick should get a second chance to play their sport or should they be banned for life even if they paid for it with prison time and/or public service?
Not certain
Don't care
331 total votes
August 4, 2009
Based on what you have seen do you think the traffic on the dirt road that is in Nine Mile Canyon is damaging the rock art in the canyon?
Don't care either way
Unsure; not informed enough to say
265 total votes

July 21, 2009
After six months in office, how do you think President Obama is doing?
Don't care
570 total votes
July 6, 2009
Global warming is a topic which dominates the news these days. Do you think that man’s activities are the cause of global warming or do you think it is a natural cycle that is taking place?

Global warming is...
Being caused by man
A combination of man's activities and natural causes
A natural cycle of the Earth's atmosphere
I don’t believe there is such a thing as global warming
Don't know / Unsure
350 total votes

June 23, 2009
Based on the reports you have read, do you think federal and BLM agents handled the situation in San Juan County correctly when they arrested all those implicated in theft and sale of ancient Native American artifacts?
They used too much force in some instances
They handled it just right
They didnt use enough force
Don't know
266 total votes
June 9, 2009
Do you think the College of Eastern Utah would be better off as an affiliate of Utah State University or is it better off being an independent junior college?
Independent junior college
As USU affiliate
307 total votes

May 26, 2009
Do you think the war on drugs that our country has been waging for four decades is working?
309 total votes
May 12, 2009
Gun owners are having a very hard time getting ammunition for many calibers of weapons. Even gun powder is hard to come by for those that reload. The buying up of ammunition has been attibuted to the fact that people fear President Obama will restrict the sales of ammunition or tax it so high it will not be affordable. Do you think either of those are true or is it just hysteria that is causing the market to be in short supply?
Fear Obama will restrict sale of ammo
Fear Obama will tax ammo
Just hysteria
Unsure / Don't care
291 total votes

April 28, 2009
Recycling is a big deal in most communities around the United States. But Carbon County has been fairly quiet when it comes to this kind of activity. Price City is looking into the best ideas for recycling all kinds of materials.

The question is whether or not Carbon residents will buy into such a program if it is voluntary. Would you support it if it had some kind of recycling fee or billing attached to it?
331 total votes
April 19, 2009
Each week the Sun Advocate publishes the jail bookings for the Carbon County Jail in the paper. Do you think the paper should continue to publish this public information or should it discontinue putting that information in print?
Leave as-is
Not sure
277 total votes

March 24, 2009
There has been some talk of putting wind turbines to generate electricity on the tops of the Bookcliffs where the wind blows much of the time. Do you think this a good idea?
659 total votes
March 12, 2009
How do you think the poor national economy is affecting the local Carbon County area?
Not at all
A little
A lot
252 total votes

February 24, 2009
Senate Bill 208 in the Utah State Senate would not require governmental entities to publish legal notices in newspapers in the future, but would instead allow them to be placed on a state website.

Do you think this would be advantagous to the state and the public, considering there is already a Utah Press Association website that does this?

Or do you think this would create a situation where no one would monitor what is being put on the website and would exclude a certain part of the population from seeing these notices?
Advantageous to state
Exclude part of the population
Uncertain or no opinion
192 total votes
February 10, 2009
Last week new secretary of the interior Ken Salazar cancelled a number of oil and gas leases for land around the national parks and in our area around Nine Mile and Desolation Canyon. Do you feel he should have done that?
Unsure / Undecided
323 total votes

January 27, 2009
How did you feel about President Barack Obama's inauguration speech? Did you find it a positive speech, a neutral speech or a negative speech concerning America and the outlook for the country?
393 total votes
January 13, 2009
Many cities in Utah have banned smoking in outside public venues such as at events, in parks and in places even on public streets. Do you think such a ban should be enacted in towns in Carbon County?
481 total votes

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