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Teen View: About that water

As July's monsoon clouds hit the Wasatch Plateau just above Pole Canyon, a single drop of rain hits the bare ground where Bull Elk and Artic Cats have left their trace. Soil is splashed across the landscape, picking up other bare soils along the way....

Guest Column: America cannot win with racist attitudes

For the rest of his life Donald Sterling will be remembered for racist remarks even though they were made in private. Paula Deen and Cliven Bundy will also be remembered for their racist remarks, as will Don Imus. Imus made on air comments in 2007 a...

Guest Column: The ultimate sacrifice

Last year on Memorial Day, my wife, daughter and I were touring Cambridge, England. We took a bus ride three miles out of the city to the U.S. military cemetery there-one of 25 American burial grounds administered by the U.S. government on foreign te...

Guest Column: Derailing the dynasty train

Don't feel bad if you were busy and missed the buzz around the new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

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