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The crying about Hill

Everytime the defense department starts thinking about cuts in operations and consequently in budgets to military bases, Utah's Congressmen and Senators start rattling swords about how Hill Air Force Base and Dugway Proving Grounds shouldn't, and mor...

Guest Column: The secret political affair

How bad will it get? The public approval rating for Congress has sunk to nine percent, the lowest level since Gallup began to ask us about it.

Letter to the Editor: War on coal

Joe Andrade's comments in letters to the editor on page 8A of the Sun Advocate of March 11, 2014, are directed toward getting our elected officials working to "facilitate... transition from a coal-dominated, extractive economy towards a sustainable e...

Letter to the Editor: The right to choose

There has been an awful lot of argument over gay rights recently. It reminds me of a time when homosexuality was considered a mental illness.

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