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Monopoly money for all of us?

The world constantly changes, and sometimes you just have to say no.

Guest Column: Don't reward corporations bad behavior

With any opportunity that seems too good to be true, there is often a fatal flaw.

Guest Column: A sweet victory

The Food and Drug Administration recently came out with a sweet surprise. Its proposed new nutrition label will finally give us a bit of key information we need to understand our food: the amount of added sugars....

Letter to the Editor: Attend the meetings

A Long Time Ago in Galaxy Far Far Away.... Well not really, but there was this Congressman from Utah named Merrill Cook, who was becoming very prominent in national politics. The Democratic Party of Utah staged a coordinated effort to attend the Repu...

Letter to the Editor: Proactive rather than reactive

This letter is prompted by a recent Salt Lake Tribune op-ed which referred to Rep. Anderson's '... coal-mining constituents...' in the Price area. ...

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