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The long and the short of it

This should probably be a column about the holidays, but it isn't.

Letter to the Editor: Not all have smiles

At this time of the year, many of us focus on the holiday spirit and the smiles we want to see on children's faces. We don't like to believe there are unpleasant things going on in the lives of some families in Utah. And, that not all children have s...

Letter to the Editor: Hunters add to economy

In addition to serving as the Utah State Chapter President of the National Wild Turkey Federation, I am also honored to co-chair Hunting Works For Utah. This new organization's purpose is to spread the message of the importance of hunters and their p...

Letter to the Editor: Depopulation has begun

Never before has citizens of the United States enjoyed such political freedoms in self-determination over their lives, as well as having enjoyed the affluence of the most prosperous middle class in human history resulting in freedom. Enjoy it while y...

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