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You don't own me

I stood there in the bedroom one morning last week putting on a shirt and I noticed that on top of my dresser was my wife's birth certificate, a car title for an old vehicle I had been trying to sell and the papers for one of my Siberian Huskies....

When government is too small

On a damp Friday morning, 11 days into the government shutdown, a few dozen truckers took to the Capital Beltway to tell lawmakers they were angry.

Letter to the Editor: Stupidity of it all

The nonsense coming out of D.C. is staggering. Not just that, but also the sheer stupidity of it.

Letter to the Editor: Opportunities are there

The upcoming closure of the Carbon Power Plant enables us to consider some alternatives.

Letter to the Editor: It's the law enforce it

After reading two different letters to the editor pertaining to the accident on the overpass on Aug. 27, and as a retired peace officer of almost 30 years, I feel compelled to make a comment. ...

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