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Freedom of speech cuts both ways

It seems the American Atheists want to hold a convention in Salt Lake City in April.

Taking the fight to the streets

It's been four months since Edward Snowden exposed the NSA's spying regime. Since then, we've discovered that the agency tracks our phone calls, our emails, our browsing history, and our contacts. It also tracks our contacts' contacts...and their con...

Every day is Saturday to a dog

I recently saw some propaganda from PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - proclaiming that people really don't own animals, we only subjugate them. Animals, like people, have rights too, and their rights are equal to ours. Thus, owning...

Letter to the Editor: Count My Vote

Mr. Jim Darter used considerable news space in the Sun Advocate (Oct. 15) in attacking the proposed initiative known as Count My Vote and defending the current caucus system now in vogue. ...

Letter to the Editor: Active ReEntry kudos

I want to state publicly how pleased our family is with a wonderful entity we have in our community, Active ReEntry.

Letter to the Editor: Union Busters

I cannot understand why a corporation as successful as Energy West/PacifiCorp feels the need to take away the benefits of their mine employees and retirees. They are not losing money, in fact quite the opposite. In the first six months of this year t...

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