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Entitlement pure and simple

The word entitlement has been getting a really bad rap as of late. I guess it was never a great word, but in recent years it is often voiced by those that have, complaining about those who they see as taking from what they have. It used to be t...

The Wasatch Behind: The end of civility

I was in one of our area's big box stores a few weeks ago with my wife and a couple of young granddaughters. We were having a good time. But then, a couple of isles ahead of us, I spotted a very large, four-lettered "F" word on the back of a T-...

Letter to the Editor: Catbox liner

I would like to address Mr. Warren who writes a letter to the editor every month in this paper.

Letter to the Editor: Climate change bunk

This drought is a bummer.

Guest Editorial: Operation secret loopholes

The federal budget expresses our nation's values and priorities in numbers. It's a blueprint for how our elected officials plan to make money and how they plan to spend it....

Guest Editorial: Keystone operating for years

Here's a little-known fact: The Keystone pipeline system has been transporting oil sands from Canada to U.S. refineries in the Midwest for three years -- with no major leaks and, more importantly, no major complaints from environmentalists....

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