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Secession is not the answer

After the election, a number of people seemed to feel that things have gone too far the wrong way for them, so they want out of the United States. But rather than leave the country themselves, they want their geographical area to secede from the ...

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Going to the dogs or jail, one or the other

Guest column

Bad Romney bets still pay off

Letters to the editor

I am tired of hearing the mainstream media refer to America as a democracy. I am also tired of elected officials doing the same. Somehow they both think that democracy is synonymous with freedom. We are not a democracy. In fact, the founding fathers ...


I would like to give my take on how the vote went in the recent election. This election destroyed conservatism, in the United States of America. I'm sure that makes the liberals smile. There will only be one way of governing and that is the liberal w...

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