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Learning to say 'Thanks'

We see it all the time...parents telling their little kids (or even big ones) to say "Thank you" to someone that just did something for them or gave them something.

Guest Column: The night the cold war ended

I was at the library at Northwestern University, putting the final touches on my first book - which happened to be about Soviet foreign policy. In a mad rush to beat my deadline, I dashed out and dropped the manuscript in the FedEx box just before th...

Guest Column: Stop taking environmental hypocrites seriously

Tom Steyer, the hedge fund billionaire turned environmental nut job, just launched a multi-million dollar attack-ad blitz that takes political dishonesty to a whole new level.

Letter to the Editor: Find out what happened

No parent should ever have to bury their child; but I have. Sometimes there is a reason or a cause to why some parents have the misfortune of saying "good bye." However, in my situation, I do not know why, or how, or even when. I never had the opport...

Letter to the Editor: Not from Limbaugh

I recently found some interesting things I would like to share. 1 have enclosed copies of these, with pictures, to prove that these are actual statements and fact.

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