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One fine day and a different point of view

It's hard to imagine a better day that Saturday was, weather wise.

Guest Column: America's grand fortunes go overboard

Imagine yourself part of the typical American family. Your household would have, the Federal Reserve reported in September, a net worth of $81,200.

Guest Column: Look to the energy field

North Dakota boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the nation. Texas is outpacing the United States as a whole in job growth. Pennsylvania added 1,300 manufacturing jobs in March alone....

Guest Column: They're all about the green

American political dialogue often overlooks the difference between "pro-business" and "pro-market." Failure to observe the implications of this difference leads both pundits and voters to believe that if a candidate is pro-business, naturally he is a...

Letters to the Editor: King for legislature

There exists, for the first time in history, the possibility that Carbon County will not have a local resident in the Utah State Legislature next year. The race for the seat representing House District 69 in the State House of Representatives pits...

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