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A little kidney between friends

The optimist that she is, Joan Powell says she still didn't understand what it meant when her good friend Jenine Bentley told her her kidneys were shot and they wouldn't work anymore....

Escapee caught, cuffed, booked into Carbon Jail

Three days after bolting from Price Police headquarters without shoes or a shirt, Manuel Mitcheson, 20, was apprehended by Emery County Sheriff's deputies without incident in Huntington on the morning of April 4. ...

Finale concert for Russell Wilson, career music instructor, conductor

For a split second after the choir intones "...requiem aeternam" at the end of Saturday's concert, there will be a moment of silence between the fading of the last tone and the onset of the applause....

Water outlook not good, drought is a big questione

Last year's winter and spring were dry and the eastern Utah area was without adequate stream flows in the spring and throughout the summer to keep streams running as they should. But the flow was saved by reservoirs that were nearly full from a n...

Treats for dogs, therapy for humans earn Woman of the Year for Terrie Saccomanno

Terrie Saccomanno is Southeastern Utah's Woman of the Year for 2013.

2013 USU Eastern Women's Conference, cont.

2013 USU Eastern Women's Conference, cont

Price cleanup begins next week

Price City residents may begin setting items out starting April 13 and stop placing items out on April 21.

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