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Carbon County News

The flu is after you

As states from all across the union continue to battle a particularly virulent strain of the flu the staff at Castleview Hospital are working overtime to keep the Castle Valley out of harm's way. Several states, including New York are dealing with r...

Helper museum has new director

To say that the new director of Helper's Mining and Railroad Museum has the educational qualifications for the job is to omit a bunch of other qualifications he has amassed over the years....

Area in deep freeze as temps plunge below zero

A driver passing through Carbon County on Monday morning reported that his truck thermometer read -39 degrees F on Monday morning.

KeyBank will close its Helper Main Street office

KeyBank is closing its Helper branch and will consolidate its operations in the Price branch.

Gasoline supplies high, prices down

For six of the last seven years U.S. retail gasoline prices have risen from Christmas Day to mid-January but this year could run counter to that trend.

Laughing should be on the menu

There are a host of ways fitness-minded folks can burn a few extra calories, even if they don't know they're doing it. For instance, those who can't sit still and tend to have a nervous personality may burn more calories than a person who is calm...

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