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Carbon County News

County studying possible sales tax hike

Quarter-percent for streets, roads

Jonna Jackson is Foster Mother of the Year

Jonna Jackson has been named Carbon County's Foster Mother of the year. She was honored at the May 20 County Commission meeting by Foster Care director Kobi Prettyman and Bonnie Seals of the Division of Child and Family Services....

Workers Comp involves more than filling forms

A person gets hurt at work and one of the first things in most people's minds is about insurance, and how that injury will be paid for.

Creekview learns about the Berlin Blockade and "Candy Bombers"

Creekview Elementary finished their "Patriotic Program" at the end of the school year. The final part of the program involved learning about the "Candy Bombers" at the end of World War II. The students learned how the Berlin Wall created a blockade ...

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