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Carbon County News

City council candidates have filed, ECC busiest

With one city making a total revamp of its city council and mayor's position, and another with just enough candidates who have filed to fill the empty seats that will come available Jan. 1, 2016. Carbon County elections are set for the fall....

Sweat equity is sweet for Helper homeowners

There's the old cliche about "busier than a one-armed paper hanger," and then there's John Nielsen, who says, "There's lots you can do with one arm. You can pull nails, you can spackle, texture, paint..."...

Plants parched, weather hot fire restrictions on public lands

Manti-La Sal NF allows campfires, bans fireworks

Fire chief offers tips for safe, sane fireworks fun

Independence Day is right around the corner, and fireworks shops are open for business. With the drought affecting the area, the danger of fire is ever present. If your fireworks cause a fire or injuries to bystanders you may be civilly liable for th...

'Hazmat on steroids'

Someone has entered the county courthouse and mixed a batch of liquids that are giving off noxious fumes. No one knows what's in the gas or who is behind the attack, but someone has to go in there, find out what's going on and neutralize the situatio...

Suspicious vehicle call leads to drug arrest

Response to a suspicious vehicle call by a Price Police officer Sunday evening led to the arrest of a suspect on drug charges.

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