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Castle Country couple together over 65 years

Henry Scorzato and his wife Marilyn. The local couple celebrated 65 years of marriage with their family on Aug. 14 in Price.

Sun Advocate reporter

On Aug. 14, 1948, Henry Scorzato married Marilyn Theoharris-Pappas begging a story of love and family which has lasted for more than 65 years.

The local sweetheart's romance began after Henry got out of the Navy in the summer of 1948. The young sailer had served with distinction in the South Pacific throughout World War II and knew Marilyn's brothers John and Luke.

The couple bought their first home in Kenilworth after being married in the "Amusement Hall," and started their family.

With the exception of one year in the 1950s, when the couple left to find work in Oregon, the Scorzatos have been a Carbon County institution.

A member of the local Joppa Lodge, Henry worked at most every coal mine in the area, rising to the position of Maintenance Superintendent several times before retiring from Andalex at the age of 70.

Marilyn choose retail as a profession, working at JCPenney, Tolmans and finally Chuck's Pharmacy before retiring at 62.

The Scorzatos have one daughter, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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