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The family at work

This morning, just before I started writing this, one of the employees of the paper carried in a muffin with a sparkler on it, lit it and we all sang Happy Birthday to another employee. It was touching....

Letter to the Editor: Accident on overpass

I read with interest about the accident that happened on the overpass near IFA in Price on August 27. In that accident a car driven by my granddaughter was hit from behind by an unmarked Carbon County Sheriff's truck. The article stated that th...

Letter to the Editor: Cats missing

If you live anywhere close to Blue Hill Dairy Road in Spring Glen please watch your cats. Someone is trapping them and taking them off.

Letter to the Editor: Article in error

The fact that sections of the Keystone Pipeline Project are functioning and the locations of those lines are among few facts that Merrill Matthews got right in his Sept. 24 editorial (Sun Advocate)-no surprise, given his affiliation with the co...

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