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Carbon County News

Juvenile arrested for causing fire

A bush fire that erupted near Pinnacle Canyon Academy with flames reaching as high as 20 feet on Tuesday evening was the result of a juvenile playing with matches, according to Price Police Captain Bill Barnes....

"Absentee" ECC mayor may have pay docked

A long-running but largely off-the-record issue was made public Tuesday night as East Carbon council members broached the subject of Mayor Orlando LaFontaine's chronic absence from both the council chambers and city boundaries. ...

Hawkinson sentenced for up to 5 years for automobile homicide

Darin S. Hawkinson was sentenced Monday to up to five years at the Utah State Prison for a September 2011 automobile homicide/DUI incident that killed two women.

Black water in Indian Canyon

The flames may be gone but the Church Camp Fire is far from forgotten in Indian Canyon. A cloudburst Monday evening sent torrents of ash and mud into the creek. The view from Highway 191 was one of a dark river running through a partially blackened l...

Disconnection gets risky in Helper

Owners of vacant homes and shops in Helper may want to think twice before they decide to disconnect from the city's water and sewer systems.

Special effects sunrise

If there is anything good to be said about all the smoke in the air because of wild fires lately, it is that it produces some outstanding sunsets and sunrises. This was the view from Carbonville Monday morning at about 7 a.m. ...


How can I guard against West Nile Virus?

In drought year, finding water = finding deer

Utah's general archery buck deer hunt will begin in just a few days. As the start of the hunt nears, reports provided by Division of Wildlife

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