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Size does matter in this modern time

I was sitting in my truck at the drive window of a locally owned drive up food place in Salt Lake one day and decided to ask some questions when it comes to portion sizes. I had ordered a combo meal and the following response inevitably came....

Information freedom in the digital world

Recently one of my coworkers received an important document by way of email that turned out to be far more trouble for them than it should have been. When they tried to view the attachment, their computer complained that it could not open the fi...

Letters to the Editor, Balanced approach

In the second-driest state in the country, water is not a resource that the agricultural community takes for granted. Ranchers and farmers in eastern Utah can find it challenging to meet our water demands even during a good year. ...

Letters to the Editor, D-in judical accountability

n gave Utah a D- in judicial accountability and our case is surely the poster child.

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