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Carbon County News

Drought- Water is vital for more than drinking

(Editors note: Based on the weather this winter, if things don't change, the local area will be experiencing a drought. This is the sixth in a series of articles examining droughts, water use, water storage/sources, personal water footprints an...

A dry hole here is good news

Drivers cruising along 100 North near 700 East in Price last week may have thought the drill rig in the vacant lot was looking for oil or water. Finding either would have been bad news, because this is the site of the planned multimillion-dollar ...

Chamber honors Historic Helper

Helper Mayor Dean Armstrong accepts a commemorative plaque from Chamber of Commerce President Dallen Skelley at Thursday's city council meeting. The chamber is recognizing members who have been in business for more than a century. Helper, which w...

Mini-geyser near Wellington

A backhoe stands by beside an erupting water main as a PRWID crew further north on Highway 6 turn off the valve. The pipe, which is only about 10 to 12 years old, broke Thursday afternoon. PRWID general manager Jeff Richens explained that the bre...

Dinosaur quarry opens March 23

The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry (CLDQ) will be opening its doors for the 2012 season on Friday, March 23 at 10 A.M.

Wellington City has vacancy on council

Wellington City Councilwoman Amber Adair has moved out of town and has had to resign her seat on the council.

BLM seeks nominations for Resource Advisory Council

The Bureau of Land Management in Utah is seeking public nominations for five open positions on its Utah Resource Advisory Council. The RAC positions open are in the following categories:...

Castle Country Leap Year Birthdays

Last week a number of local people had a birthday for the first time in four years. It was those that were born on Feb. 29, a day that only comes in leap year.

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