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Intellectual inbreeding stifles America

You're not supposed to look for a future mate at a family reunion.

Coming up: Last two weeks of the legislature

HB363 passed the House this last week. HB363 guts the current public school curriculum about sex education. It allows districts to drop the course entirely but dictates that if taught, abstinence only is the core of the curriculum. ...

Letters to the editor: Going green

The Green Team of Carbon County would like to thank all of the citizens of Carbon County for their, suggestions, support and interest in "doing what they can" to reduce, reuse, and manage the local waste stream of Carbon County. We gratefull...

Letters to the editor: Destroying America

The Occupy Wall Street movement found its beginning in 1947 with Roosevelt's Road to Ruin. It was designed to deliberately destroy American's pride in working for a living, transforming its people into government supported freeloaders living of...

May the flower makers begin

The day after tomorrow will be March 1 and in most peoples minds spring will be here, despite what the weather says.

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