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Carbon County News

'Nuisance' moose may be relocated to West Tavaputs

Imagine your drive going into the rough on some golf course and in your search for the ball you encounter the moose you've accidentally hit. You're facing about 1,000 pounds of black-furred anger that stands six feet or taller at the shoulder, antle...

Taking their oath of office

Helper Justice Court Judge Linda Murdock administers the oath of office to incoming city council members Jason Llewelyn, Kirk Mascaro and Robert Bradley Tuesday afternoon. Llewelyn was newly elected in November, while the other two were re-elected to...

Underground Price: 125 miles of pipe to care about

For most people, when they turn on the water tap or flush their toilet it is just natural to think that the water will be there to do what they need.

1994: Sunnyside mining goes bankrupt, inmates escape from county's new jail

Editor's Note: This is one of a series of articles about the history of the Sun Advocate and the county it covers as a newspaper. The article is being written from front page stories that appeared during each year in commemoration of the 120th anni...

Scout looks for information

Vincent Annella, a Boy Scout from Price is looking for information from residents that concerns his Eagle Scout project.

Property taxes shift from big payers to small ones in Carbon

State cuts tax valuations of some major corporations, other payers take on burden

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