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Narrows dam needs a wider focus

In connection with publisher, Richard Shaw's October 25, 2011 editorial entitled "Governors narrows state of mind," in the Sun Advocate, I believe Governor Herbert and other relevant state and federal officials need to examine the issue of Sanpete's...

S. Utah largest boy scout contingent

Scouting plays a large role in Southern Utah. I think that everyone in the community either knows someone who's involved in Scouting or has family members who are Scouts.

Letters to the editor

Spring Glen Community Center/School of Screams wants to say thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who helped support the community by donating their time, talents, creativity and energy to seeing that the School of Screams was a success. ...

Rich can be with the 99 percent

Perhaps you're part of Wall Street's richest 1 percent, yet, deep in the deepest part of your hedge-fund heart, you secretly support the "We Are the 99 Percent" people.

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