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Holiday focus

Black is green

Black Friday can turn into some great money saving deals

What was Black Friday weekend 2010 like?

Last year, an organization called the National Retail Federation said that 212 million people traveled the shopping aisles on Black Friday. They spent $45 billion (estimated), or about $365 per individual. That was over six percent more than they di...

The universal holiday fruit

Call it what you will, but the pumpkin is the universal holiday fruit.

Cooking tips for the holidays

(StatePoint) The holiday season is upon us, which means you may be preparing food for more than your usual crowd. You're going to want your main dishes to impress your guests, and your desserts and sides to wow your hosts. ...

Junk electronics? Save them 'till spring

Recently the Canyonlands Recycling sponsored an E-Waste recycling day in Moab. Metech Recycling of Salt Lake City, which holds the State of Utah contract for electronics recycling was the company that came to the town to collect peoples electronic...

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