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Letters to the editor

Thank you, Doug Trease, thank you, thank you, for your response to Robert L. Warren's recent letter in the Sun Advocate (Another earthquake, Sept. 6) You could not of put it more precisely when you wrote, "What a waste of valuable paper space"....

Staff editorial

Living within the water means we have

Those who worship dirt

It began in the early 1970s near the end of the hippy era. The Vietnam War was finally over, civil rights legislation had been passed and the dope-smoking, psychedelic peaceniks found themselves without a reason to protest. New and troublesome venere...

Guest column

This is America, the land of the free,

Corporate election takeover

The unregulated energy hucksters behind the infamous Enron scandals of a decade ago created an array of dummy financial funds to evade public scrutiny and perpetrate fraud. To disguise the scams, they dubbed these phony funds names like Chewco and JE...

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