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Worth its weight in life

It's happened to all of us.

Stress at work can be detrimental to health

The workers of the world are working more. So says an annual study of employee benefit trends from MetLife. In 2010, 40 percent of employees admitted their workload had increased compared with the previous year....

Origins of cancer not always a known quantity

When diagnosed with cancer, patients are typically informed where the cancer is or, when the cancer is in an advanced stage, where it started. However, in some instances doctors struggle to determine the origin of a cancer in the body....

Does work impact sleep habits?

People often discuss how sleep -- and often lack thereof -- can affect work performance. However, not as many people are studying how work impacts the ability to sleep.

New SIDS research suggests line to serotonin

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can be a devastating blow to new parents. Seemingly out of nowhere an infant can lose his or her life. Although SIDS research is ongoing, recent research suggests a link between SIDS and serotonin deficiency....

Vegetarian? Be careful of food claims

Vegetarians and vegans face the challenge of finding foods that fit with their lifestyles and ideals. There are many foods that aren't vegetarian- or vegan-friendly but might appear to be so. That's because these foods contain certain ingredients tha...

Fresh Salmon: The new fast food for multi-taskers

Fresh salmon is the answer for time pressed moms and can help address the growing obesity issue in children, says Holly Clegg, recognized author, chef, and working mother.

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