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Recreation and Health Focus

Using an ATV as a time machine

We almost all know something about ATV's, and what we know isn't always positive.

Bikes are for everyone

Bicycling is a healthy way to experience the outdoors and incorporate physical activity into an individual's daily life. It's a flexible activity - not limited to certain ages or intensity levels - that keeps people moving, helps with weight control...

Don't ignore sickness when away from home

Before going on vacation, few people consider what might go wrong. Instead, travelers are understandably preoccupied with all the exciting things that await them on their travels....

Facts about poisonous plants

Poison ivy, oak and sumac are plants that contain an oil that may cause a rash on many people's skin. Urushiol, the irritant oil in these plants, need only be present in a billionth of a gram to cause a rash. It is the most common allergy -- affectin...

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