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On The Tea Party Split

Staff Column: A small investment, a very big return

What if you had the opportunity (and the money) to invest a few thousand dollars in a business that would guarantee you a million to a million and a half dollars of gross revenue coming through the doors for each of the next five years. Would you jum...

Letters to the editor: Refusing access

About a month a go I was at the Spring Glen park, watching my son practice with his little league baseball team. The "keeper of the park" arrived and started inquiring why the team was able to practice there. He demanded that the league should have ...

Letters to the editor:Re-evaluate position

I feel that the death of Osama bin Laden gives the United States a chance to negotiate peace in Afghanistan.

Letters to the editor: Support Primary Children's Hospital

Any Utah parent who has a child with a serious medical condition can attest to the importance of Primary Children's Medical Center as the place for excellent pediatric care. I am writing to alert the readers of the Price Sun Advocate to the ominous i...

The Wasatch Behind: To hell with Bin Laden

A recent poll shows that 65 percent of all Americans believe Osama Bin Laden went to hell after receiving a well deserved, double-tap headshot from the Navy Seals. Two-thirds of Catholics and Orthodox Christians believe it, and among evangelical Chri...

Guest column: What will our grandchildren think of the disposable plastic bag?

Will they see it as a relic of a bygone era?

For the health of it: Community walks would make Thomas Jefferson proud

Thomas Jefferson would be proud of our community as we embark on the fourth annual Price City Community Walks.

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