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Celebrating 100 Years Focus

Celebrating 100 Years!: Big celebration enjoyed by old and young

Price's big celebration was given as per schedule today, with the greater part of the exercises held this evening at the town hall. Councilman, Levi Harmon had charge of the program and the exercises, and , with the help of other members of the board...

Celebrating 100 Years!: Price town board meets last time


Celebrating 100 Years!: Price becomes a city of the third class

In the spring of 1911, after considerable lobbying and work, officials and residents of Price finally got what they had been wanting for some time.

Celebrating 100 Years!: Proclamation makes Price an incorporated city

NOTICE OF INCORPORATION of the city of Price, state of Utah office of the secretary of state.

Celebrating 100 Years!: End of one of old landmarks of Price: Marsh House Razed

Citizens of Price this week witnessed the passing of an old landmark in the razing of the old Marsh adobe residence which was torn down by Geo A. Nixon. This building is linked with the very earliest history of the town of Price, being the first dwel...

Celebrating 100 Years!: Price's city council in session for first time

Celebration of Change From "Town" to "City" Planned For The 24th of March - - Also to Welcome Farmers' Institute Folks

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