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Letters To The Editor: Pedestrian responsibility

I would like to remind the students of CEU-USU that when crossing Third East you have the right-of-way, not an invisible force field.

Letters To The Editor: Spelling champ writes

This letter is to the editor of the article named "Student from Creekview Elementary takes second at regional spelling bee." I wrote this letter is partially for my citizenship in the community merit badge (Boy Scouts), but these are also my true opi...

Letters to the editor: What about if...

The article in today's paper, "Price Thirsty for Emma Park Pipe Funds" is interesting, but my question is what happens if it doesn't work out? That is a lot of money down. If it does work out, what happens if they don't get the results they want to?...

Letters to the editor: Wear helmets

While attending the St. Patrick's Day Parade last week I noticed something that really bothered me. A group of young cheerleaders were riding 4-wheelers and none of them were wearing helmets or any other protective gear. I have been taught to always ...

Letters to the editor: Likes Ad

I like the Fitness World ad because it tells what is in Fitness World and what they do there.

Letters to the editor: Offers comments on article

I picked the article, "Arch announces smaller profits, production" written by Richard Shaw to write about to the paper.

Letters to the editor: Less school hours would be good

My brain is worn out from the seven hours of school that I attended today. School is grueling and boring. There is not enough recess. School does not teach me how to think. Everything moves slowly, and there is a lot of repetition....

Letters to the editor: Good coverage

I found your article, "Four games, three ties for Dino soccer," outstanding. I think you explained your ideas perfectly. You told us all about the Carbon Dino soccer team. I am glad that they are doing well and will be for the rest of the season. ...

Letters to the editor: Great magazine

I love Astronomy Magazine and the work they do. The stories and articles are extremely helpful for my personal astronomical sights and viewings. I congratulate them for all their great work....

Letters to the editor: Funding ideas

I recently read your article on the Emma Park project. I think that retrieving the water there would be very beneficial to the city. The main problem is funding as I see it.

Letters to the editor: Opinion on HB 477

There has been some talk on the Utah 'Sunshine Law' eclipsed by a hurried legislation saying that a lot of what legislators and other government officials send electronically should not be scrutinized. ...

Letters to the editor: More activities for kids

Do you think there should be more activities in Carbon County? I think there should be more activities, because kids will be bored, and they will not be able to spend money on activities....

Letters to the editor: Disaster in Japan

What do you think of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan? I thought it was devastating.

Letters to the editor: Thanks for efforts

I want to thank you for your efforts to include stories and pictures of grade school children that are involved in special programs and activities throughout our community. Children and parents really enjoy seeing themselves and their family members ...

Staff column: Two local desert dogs look for a big bone

Each year I have to write at least one column about dogs. This doesn't sit well with everyone.

Guest column: Why are we hostages?

The Barefoot Conservative Nation descended on Washington in April like a wolf on the fold.

Rantings and Ravings

Easter was this last weekend. A religious holy day for many, but also a secular celebration for most of us.

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