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Letters to the editor: Elected disconnect

After reading the recent letter to the editor by Jim Darter (Reasons for GRAMA, HB 477, Sun Advocate, April 5, 2011) ) and several others written by publisher Richard Shaw, it seems that there are still individuals that still do not get it. Jim's let...

Letters to the editor: Respect pedestrians

This letter is in regards to the pedestrian crossing on Third North.

Letters to the editor: Price of gas

As I drive to work I happen to glance up and see the price of gas and gag a little.

Letters to the editor: Liberal goods

I found the opinion page in the April 12 edition of the Sun Advocate very good, if you are a liberal left wing fan.

Letters to the editor: Chicken injustice

I live in East Carbon and recently some citizens who have had chickens/ducks/goats etc. were cited for their animals, many of which are considered to be pets.

The Wasatch Behind: Spud's new tax proposal

"Here we are again," Uncle Spud exclaimed. "The latest information shows the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.83 and diesel fuel is at $4.13 with the cost increasing every day. The fuel prognosticators are predicting five dolla...

Guest column: Learning from the gulf

The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana one year ago, killing 11 crewmembers and ultimately releasing some 210 million gallons of oil. It became the largest oil disaster in American history. It could happen again....

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