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Letters to the editor: Second thoughts

I've wondered lately if I'm the only one in the Castle Valley having second thoughts about having a nuclear power plant in our back yard.

Staff column: Repeal means never having to say you're sorry

Remember when you were a kid and your little brother (or sister) did something dastardly like hit you up the side of the head or stole your Easter basket candy and ate it behind the garden shed so you or your parents wouldn't know about it?...

Guest column: Budget cuts, tax cheats

Like many Americans in their early 20s, I work four part-time jobs and can barely pay my rent. My bank balance vacillates between double and triple digits.

Guest column: Obama's imperial adventure goes on

President Obama's entry into Libya's civil war can be criticized on many levels: The mission as explained is incoherent; Congress was not asked for a declaration of war as the Constitution requires; events in Libya do not affect the security of the ...

Rantings and Ravings

These past few weeks I have had so many weighty issues to deal with. Last week I even had a couple of people from a religious group knock on my door and point out that the bible predicted that earth quakes portend the end of the world....

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