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Letters to the editor: Once burnt, twice shy

A new dam for East Carbon and Sunnyside proposed in Little Bear Canyon at no cost to the residents the same time our 50 some year old existing reservoir is failing.

Letters to the editor:Why not everyone?

I would like to know why some people in Helper are required to keep their property clean and others are not?

Letters to the editor: Stand up for polar bears

Yesterday I read a story that broke my heart. The L.A. Times reported that researchers have tracked a female polar bear that swam for nine days - nonstop - across the Beaufort Sea, before reaching an ice floe....

Guest column: The legislature nears the end of session

On Feb. 22, the tax projections came out to the good for the people of Utah. We have approximately 260 million dollars to restore programs.

Staff Column: Rantings and Ravings

Our legislature has decided to make sure we refer to ourselves as a republic rather than a democracy.

The Wasatch Behind: Mr. Schweitzer for prez

"Check this out," Uncle Spud said as he handed me a newspaper clipping. The clip was labeled, Helena, Mont. and the headline said: Governor Notifies Interior of New Wolf Management Directives. ...

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