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Letters to the editor: Unneeded service

Several friends and myself received a purple flyer from Emery Telcom on Jan. 25 advising us of an open house on Jan. 24 to discuss 'Extended Local Calling' between Emery and Carbon Counties. ...

Staff column: Yearly flower project to begin anew

Eleven years ago while covering Memorial Day services at a couple of the cemeteries in our county, I noticed that there were a lot of graves that weren't decorated. Over the ensuing nine years I watched as people put loads of flowers on some graves,...

Staff column: Rantings and Ravings

One week in and our 2011 legislative session is already hopping. The economy and jobs are on everyone's mind. So what has this first week brought us?

Guest column: First week of legislature

The first week of the legislative session was a very busy time for me.

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