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Winter survival

The two sides of winter: Anti-winter diatribe

Far be it from me to indulge in hate speech regarding the season were are in. So let's conduct this seminar as an examination of why I gently suggest that winter is inappropriate climatic behavior....

The two sides of winter: Why I love winter

Almost all my friends think I am crazy; not because I am, but because I truly love winter.

What about those winter roads?

Winter roads are rarely safe; but much of safety deficiency is because drivers don't follow good driving habits when roads are not dry. A good well seasonsed driver will know that no road in cold weather is ever what it appears to be. Black ice a...

Mid-Winter vehicle inspection

With the fairly nice weather the last few days it may seem that winter is losing its grip on the area, but there is probably lots of winter still to go in eastern Utah.

Winter recreation can be simple

Many people equate the warm weather with outdoor fun. After all, winter is for huddling inside by the fire sipping hot cocoa, right? Not necessarily. Although there may be the tendency to want to hibernate when it's cold, it's actually beneficial...

Wind chill verses air temperature

During the winter, meteorologists report the actual air temperature outside and the windchill temperature.

Snowshoeing: Simple, easy and fun

Snowshoeing is a wintertime activity all can enjoy. While skiing may take a little more athletic prowess and training, snowshoeing provides exercise for all ages.

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