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Thanks for Fall Fare support

Thank you very much for the photos and story of our Annual Ascension St. Matthew's Church Fall Fare (Sun Advocate, Oct. 14). We do appreciate your community mindedness. Here's just a little more to the story. ...

Birth certificate scrutinizer

Cody Judy's Meet the Candidates presentation in the Oct. 7 Sun Advocate was laughable at best. In a lame attempt to fashion himself part of the new breed of anti-establishment candidates, he does nothing to seriously prop up his own candidacy, b...

Why some people hate what we all love

Last week my wife and I decided to take some time off and go camping in this beautiful fall weather we have been experiencing. While we were planning on going to the Uinta Mountains, I got some advice from the Forest Service that where I wanted t...

Ghosts of deer hunts past

"Utah deer hunting sure has changed over the years," Uncle Spud proclaimed as we sat on the back porch cleaning our rifles and sharpening our bullets.

Rantings and Ravings

I am strongly for personal responsibility. To be able to figure out how to fix your own problems and take care of your own needs is how I was raised.

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