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Carbon County News

Why do leaves change color every autumn?

The autumn season has transformed the mountains and hillsides into vibrant palettes of color that range from yellow to orange and from hot pink to scarlet red to purple. Colors vary from year to year and are a result of different pigments found w...

Tempers flare at ECC council meeting

A testy exchange between a resident and the East Carbon City Council concerning multiple issues headlined the council meeting on Tuesday night.

BLM plans burn in Price Canyon

The Bureau of Land Management Price Field Office and the Canyon Country Fire Zone will be conducting a prescribed burn this fall or winter near the Price Canyon Recreation Area. A burn near East Carbon/Sunnyside has already been completed....

'Wake Up and Smell the Coffee' pokes fun at fears

Let's talk about feeling lonely in a crowd.

Splish-splash after the deluge

An SUV plows through a mini-lake on Price's 4th North Street just south of Washington Park after last Thursday's downpour. The city was hit with heavy rain, hail and thunder. There was even a warning to be on the lookout for tornadoes across east...

Heavy lifting in Price Canyon

An Erickson Air Crane helicopter lifts off from Castle Gate Wednesday with tons of power pole dangling below. Choppers are indispensable for moving heavy stuff into steep or environmentally sensitive areas....

A little something missing from the Fairgrounds: showers

In scanning down the long list of improvements under way the the County Fairgrounds - $3 million worth of improvements - there's one thing missing: showers.

Gas could replace coal at Sigurd plant

While the fuel source has changed, some people's feelings about the proposal to build a power plant near Sigurd have not.

AARP schedules car safety class

AARP has scheduled a driver safety class Oct. 19. The 4-hour class will be held from 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the new Carbon County Senior Activity Center, located at 450 South Fairgrounds Way....

Bruin Point students visit Joint Public Safety Building

Stop, drop and roll. Never play with fire. Safety first.

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