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Not dispensable

I remember during the past few presidential campaigns hearing the phrase, "We won't put grandma out on the street". I'm sure you have all heard that one before.

Must be enforced

In neither 1787 (the Constitutional Convention) nor 1868 (14th amendment) did U.S. have immigration laws. A post Civil War amendment was passed to provide former slaves citizenship. In 1965 this 14th amendment was "interpreted" to bequeath citiz...

Can we, will we, even want to recognize it?

Not long ago a poll was done that showed many, many Americans get their news from the late night televisions shows rather than from actual news broadcasts. The likes of Jay Leno, David Letterman, John Stewart, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel and oth...

The Wasatch Behind: Road warrior subdivision

"Did you see the story on TV last week about the hippy hobo jungle in Moab?" Uncle Spud chuckled.

Stolen Valor revisited

A short time ago, Tom McCourt wrote an excellent article on Stolen Valor. If you missed it, it was in the Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010 issue of the Sun Advocate. It is worth getting a back issue or reading it online....

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