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Judged by the people

I am writing to comment on the letter "Not Helper I know" written by Flora (Borla) Franck (Sun Advocate, Sept. 7).

Too many big cats

The current Bulgari ad in American Express "Departures" magazine and on billboards around the world features actress Julianne Moore holding lion cubs to showcase Bulgari's products. Though some may think it is adorable, I find it reprehensible! ...

Making hay of hatred: The gift that keeps on giving

It occurs to me that hatred and fear are pretty good marketing tools for making money or winning votes. It's a world-wide phenomenon. This is why I foresee that the international uproar about the threatened Qu'ran burning in this country will cre...

Rantings and Ravings

As the documentaries about the Sept. 11 attack began to play across the channels of TV, I was transported back to that day as many of us were.

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