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Carbon County News

Flowers unite community

With around 25,000 handmade flowers in their baskets, volunteers in Carbon County achieved last week what no other community on record has ever done before.

Balloon release in name of Ethan Stacy

Carbon County citizens release a cloud of balloons from the Price Peace Garden Wednesday to demonstrate sympathy for Salt Lake domestic violence victim Ethan Stacy, and to offer support for local efforts to curb child abuse. Proceeds from the sal...

Primary elections coming on quickly as candidates campaign for votes

A day of statewide primaries June 22 is quickly approaching, and it is obvious that many candidates are taking the election quite seriously.

Cheerleaders run for funding

Cheerleaders at Helper Junior High stayed after school last month to participate in a Lap-a-thon to raise money for their squad. The funds they generated will be used for uniforms, cheer camps and competitions in the next year....

Wellington to draft cemetery ordinance

The Wellington City Council is getting ready to enact its first ordinance regulating maintenance of the city cemetery. Mayor Ben Blackburn told the council Wednesday that the need for rules at what he called "a very sacred place" is apparent....

Chavez says e-mail a mistake

It was only a few keystrokes, but it was enough to stir up a controversy in Carbon County's Democratic Party and embarrass party chairman Ed Chavez Jr.

Three to go to Boy's State at Weber

The Price American Legion Post #3 has selected three boys to attend Boys State at Weber State University in Ogden June 7-11.

Energy on land should be more aggressively pursued

After President Obama announced his decision today to temporarily suspend off-shore energy exploration, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch urged the Administration to look at abundant energy resources throughout the West and to overturn a decision by the D...

East Carbon Medical Clinic looks to more years of service

Sitting on a quiet street corner in East Carbon, the building's brick and turquoise siding contrasts perfectly with the clean and clear skies above. With over 50 years of service, the building is beginning to show its age, but the doors have been...

Quagga mussels offer perplexing problem for state

Divers have found what appears to be a live adult quagga mussel in Sand Hollow Reservoir.

County, Barrett negotiate with SUWA over Tavaputs access

Long time allies on drilling for gas in the Tavaputs Plateau, Bill Barrett Corporation and Carbon County have been at odds for a couple of months over efforts by the by the the Denver-based company to remove obstacles to its five -year pursuit...

Agriculture, electricity work together, yet danger is there

Rocky Mountain Power is committed to preventing serious injuries and fatalities that can result from accidental contact with electrical facilities. The company wants farmers and ranchers to be aware of these safety guidelines because the nature o...

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