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Be an American

In my entire life I have only written one letter to the editor. This will be my second, because I feel so strongly about the issue of legal immigration.

Hiding and waiting

Hooray for Tom McCourt and Mark Hendrickson for their articles in May 18 Sun Advocate. They are right on, except there was no good cop - only bad cop and not so bad cop. Big spender and bigger spender. Big spending Republican and bigger spending ...

Proud of last administration

Ms. Stock (Letters to the Editor, Sun Advocate May 4, 2010) yes, I am proud of the past administration.

Our living will

In Tom McCourt's "The Bennett factor in play", Uncle Spud dialogues about the "will of the people" and how the "people we elect are supposed to represent us". I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. Lately though, it seems that the tea and coffee...

If the gulf doesn't matter, what does?

For those that have never been to the Gulf of Mexico shorelines, the oil that is leaking under the sea may not seem like such a big deal. Certainly living here, so far away, it can seem something detached, distant....

Rantings and Ravings

We go about our daily lives dealing with our own successes and tragedies until something awakens our collective consciousness.Then we rally around that event as a whole until the our own world demands attention from us or a new, bigger situation ...

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