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Don't call names

Now that the furor in the paper over Nine Mile Canyon has subsided, I am reminded of the lessons of a book I once read.

Answer the question

I am writing this as an open letter to Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater, Republican candidates for Utah Senator.

Wonderful performance

I would like to congratulate the Mont Harmon Choir for the outstanding program they presented on May 4. It was beautiful; it was perfect.

Think a blog is news? Think again

As the electronic world moves forward and people use the Internet more and more to get their news and information, one has to step back and really examine what they are getting from the new medium....

The Wasatch Behind: The Bennett factor in play

"Holy cow," I exclaimed. "Whodathunk? Bob Bennett never even made it to the primary election. After serving 17 years as Utah's junior senator, he was dumped on his head at the Republican convention. Some people say he was the first casualty of a ...

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