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Health Focus

The Lab is where it's at

In many places in the rural United States health care is a real issue because people don't have access to good clinics or hospitals.

A note from Dr. Leo Hardy

April 18-24, 2010, is National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.

New tool will help doctors at Castleview Hospital

With the conclusion of a $1.5 million project, Castleview Hospital now has the ability to do a lot of dianosing they have never been able to do before.

Local doctor honored by Indian organization

Dr. Ateeq Ahmed S. Patel, general surgeon at Castleview Hospital, was recently awarded the prestigious Hind Rattan Award at the 29th International Congress of NRI's in New Dehli, India. The Hind Rattan Award (Jewel of India) is given yearly to a...

Popular shoes can ruin womens' feet

For years foot doctors and orthopedists have been chastising women for wearing high heels because of the myriad foot ailments that can result. However, it seems a popular flat shoe can cause a host of foot, back and hip trouble in its own right....

Simple ways to protect hearing

As people age, certain ailments or conditions are considered part of the territory. For example, athletes understand the need to start pulling back as they age, altering their training in an effort to ease the toll exercise can take on their bodi...

Dry eyes? You're not alone

As people age, they produce less tears in their eyes and have symptoms because of this normal aging process. The symptoms of dry eye include burning, sensation or sandiness, grittiness or gravel feeling, a foreign body sensation and excessive wat...

Spring on the road, dirt in the air

Spring is in the air. The birth of a new season. A chance to take in a deep breath of clean, fresh, fragrant air.

Weight lifting basics: important to your health

In the past, lifting weights was something few outside the world of professional body building would do. Even professional baseball players of yesteryear shied away from the weight room, a fact that might be hard to believe when looking at today'...

Many factors play role in having a healthy body

While genetics and external factors beyond a man's control play a role in overall fitness, the top threats to men's health are largely preventable.

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