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Need national insurance

Once again, I am compelled to answer Robert Warren's editorial (Letters to the editor, March 23, 2010, Sun Advocate).

Read the health care bill

I will turn 65 this year. Between Carbon and Emery counties, I have lived in southeastern Utah for 40 years and have never attended a political party meeting. I consider myself to be an Independent. ...

Making "census" of enumeration

In early 2000 I owned a small consulting and freelance writing business that was falling upon hard times. While I had been able to make a substantial contribution to household expenses and bills with my business earnings in the years between 1995...

Rantings and Ravings

We have our first recycling box in Price. It is for paper and aluminum to start. The bin is located in the Sutherland's parking lot.

The Wasatch Behind: Spud's stab at hate speech

"There sure is a lot of hate speech in the news lately. It makes a person wonder whatever happened to civility and polite political dialogue."

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