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Amazing gas prices

It is simply amazing how the gas prices in Price are within a couple of cents of each other. It also amazes me how they all raise their prices within hours of each other. This accounts for at least four different oil companies. ...

Animals in your care

Do you have an animal in your care? If you do please get up right now and check on them. Do they have water and food? Can they get to shelter? Is their area clean? Do you realize that all these animals look forward to all day long is a visit from...

Did you know?

In a recent "Did you know?" box in the Sun Advocate I believe what was stated was incorrect.

The public trust

As a member of Emery County Public Lands Council I am writing this to express some concerns and ask for input from the citizens of Emery County.

Grand staircase San Rafael

Jeepers, to quote Yogi Berra, it's like deja vu all over again. We recently discovered that our president has been secretly plotting to create national monuments in Utah without notifying our governor and congressional delegation. ...

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