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Government for the people?

I have a question for Republicans and Democrats.

Agreements come from knowing

I would like to comment on the "Programmatic Agreement for the West Tavaputs 'EIS' recently discussed in the Utah media.

Makes it easier

I just want to give a shout-out to Price City and the custodial staff at Mont Harmon Jr. High.

WETC closing

In regard to the article in the Jan. 19 issue of the Sun Advocate discussing the closing of the Western Energy Training Center. I thought perhaps the citizens of this community would be interested in what really happened. I was one of the first i...

Fair boundaries important to Utah

After the 2000 census, the boundaries of congressional districts, state senate districts, and house of representative districts were "gerrymandered" unfairly in favor of the majority party in the legislature. The result split some close-knit neig...

The Wasatch Behind: Keep on truckin' I say

I was disappointed last year when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid made snide remarks about those of us who attended the tea party rallies. I was unhappy when President Obama made fun of those of us who cling to our guns, religion, and righteous intol...

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