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Please come forward

As membership chairman for the American Legion Auxiliary, unit 73, Huntington, I am making a plea to all persons, who are eligible for membership to come forward and join our organization. We are desperately in need of active members. We are gra...

An answer

I am compelled to answer Robert Warrens' diatribe about government programs that have been so helpful for the people of the United States of America.

Staff Column: Christmas, a time of joy, time of sadness

Christmas and New Years have always been generally regarded as happy and joyous times of the year. And for many they are.

Rantings and Ravings

Three days left until Christmas day. There are still a few parties to attend, family to gather and presents to wrap for many of us. But actually the bulk of the preparation is starting to wind down....

Guest column: A special Christmas story

Christmas at Marshall's Corner during the Great Depression was always a high point of any given year for us, despite the bleakness of our economic circumstances. In retrospect, I think my mother willed it so....

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