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Health care reform is needed

Health care reform will increase access to high value, affordable health care for millions of women. It is imperative we pass real reform this year. Outlawing coverage for abortion which is a legal, medical procedure is discriminatory and it hurt...

Government programs means broke programs

The United States Postal Service was established in 1775. After 234 years you would think government could get it right? Wrong, it is broke.

A tariff is the answer

With almost 20 million previously employed now unemployed we are at the brink of the worst crime wave any country has ever had. The only thing that can save us is to increase the tariff on everything coming into this country....

Rantings and Ravings

My oldest daughter lives several states away. We talk by phone often, but she works shifts as a emergency dispatcher so it takes a bit of coordination to make our schedules line up....

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